Welcome to the

1st International workshop on numerical modelling of HTS


Lausanne, Switzerland, May 5-7, 2010

Detailed Program

Modeling of high temperature superconductors is an important topic for the developement of power systems applications such as fault currents limiters and power cables. This workshop will provide a unique opportunity for specialists and graduate students working in applied superconductivity to meet and exchange in details on modeling tricks and techniques, and is intended to speed up the developments in this area, which is usually not well covered in more general conferences. See the Program page for more details.



Workshop objectives:

  • Allow a critical mass of researchers to sit together in view of generating new ideas about improving HTS modeling and finding solutions to current problems and challenges
  • Improve the networking and exchanges between the researchers, otherwise quite dispersed worldwide, and often duplicating the same work
  • Allow some of the participants to expose their work in much more details than in a conference, in a pedagogical perspective
  • Establish a clearer view and organization of the field of HTS modeling, based on collective discussions and suggestions


Participants group Picture