This group belongs to the School of Computer & Communications Sciences at EPFL. Formerly it was part of the Laboratory of Nonlinear Systems (LANOS) under the supervision of Professor Martin Hasler. Our main research fields are the measurements, modelling and characterization of high-Tc superconductors. This kind of materials can carry very large electrical currents with very low energy dissipation (compared to traditional copper or aluminum conductors) and they can be, therefore, used in new generation power systems for devices such as fault current limiters, electric cables, transformers, motors and generators. Among the main impediments to an immediate large scale industrial utilization of the high-Tc superconductor technologies are the AC losses occuring in the presence of alternating transport currents and/or magnetic fields.

Applied Superconductivity Group hosted the:

1st School on Numerical Modeling for Applied Superconductivity
June 20-24th 2016


FASTGRID (2017-2020)   Cost effective FCL using advanced supercon. tapes for future HVDC grids.

ECCOFLOW (2010-2014)   Development and field testing of an efficient YBCO Coated Conductor based Fault Current Limiter for Operation in Electricity Networks.

MANEP Project (2001-2013)   Materials with Novel Electronic Properties


PSEL projects (2000)   Power network System study

SACPA Project (1999)   A study of ac losses in BISSCO / Ag tape relevant to industrial high power applications

Former Members

Dr. Daniele Colangelo
Thesis:  Modelling of 2G HTS Coated Conductors for Fault Current Limiter Applications.

Dr. François Roy
Thesis:  Modeling and Characterization of Coated Conductors Applied to the Design of Superconducting Fault Current Limiters.

Dr. Joseph Duron
Thesis:  Modélisation de matériaux supraconducteurs : application à un limiteur de courant.

Dr. Francesco Grilli
Thesis:  Numerical modelling of high temperature superconducting tapes and cables.

Dr. Svetlomir Stavrev
Thesis:  Modelling of high temperature superconductors for AC power applications.;

Dr. Mårten Sjöström
Thesis:  Hysteresis modelling of high temperature superconductors.

Dr. Nadia Nibbio
Thesis:  Nonlinear electromagnetic modeling of high temperature superconducting tapes.

Dr. Dejan Djukic
Thesis:  Modélisation des systèmes non-linéaires : ordre, adaptation des paramètres et hystérèse.